100% Pure Natural Potassium Chloride - 250g 

This Potassium Chloride product is made in Germany and is completely natural, in that it is derived from the underground deposits that have been protected from environmental influences and contamination for more than 200 million years.

From there, this is processed exclusively in secured and closed areas, protecting them from all possible environmental influences during the manufacturing process and packaging. It is simply from the best and top manufacturer in the world.  

Potassium is an essential mineral and also an electrolyte. It plays an integral part in muscle contractions, heart function and fluid balance. Potassium is associated with lower risks of high blood pressure, kidney stones and osteoporosis. 

• Odourless, and dissolves readily in water, giving a salt like taste.
• Contains no added flavours or sweeteners.

Why should people monitor their potassium intake?
Many people suffer from a Potassium deficiency without knowing it.
The symptoms of tiredness, exhaustion, muscle weakness, constipation or cardiac arrhythmia are rarely recognised as linked to needs for Potassium.

An insufficient intake of Potassium as part of daily nutrition, combined with diarrhoea, chronic kidney or colon disease, magnesium deficiency, or the excessive loss of bodily fluids or acidosis, can cause Potassium deficiency.

As people cannot generate their own Potassium, dietary intake is absolutely essential and it is therefore important that consumers take care of their nutrition.

What makes this Potassium Chloride a good choice?
Potassium Chloride is the type of Potassium that Doctors prescribe to prevent and treat low blood potassium levels. 

When you consider that most natural sources of potassium are fruits that are also high in carbohydrates and spike blood sugars, taking a potassium supplement can be a far better alternative. Research has not shown that any form of potassium is better than the others. What is most important, is that you are getting enough and it's source is not contaminated.  

Ingredients: Potassium Chloride (for human consumption).
Contains No: milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, corn, yeast, soybeans, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. It's just 100% pure and free from all this stuff. 

How to use
Easily dissolves in water, drinks, smoothies. Even sprinkle it on meals like a seasoning. Anywhere that powder can go, this can. 
When to take: with meals or immediately after eating.

It has a slightly salty taste, so it's better taken with sweetened flavour drops eg: liquid monk fruit

Composition of this product
Each gram of this product contains 516mg of potassium and only 2mg of sodium.

Even though there isn't an RDA for potassium, organisations worldwide have recommended consuming at least 3,500 mg per day (up to 4700mg) from all sources (food and supplements).
6g (5 Tads) Potassium Chloride = 3500mg Potassium & 12mg Sodium so this jar has 42 serves
up to 9g = 4700mg Potassium and 18mg Sodium, this jar has 28 serves.

Taking small measures 
We highly recommend you get a small set of measuring spoons with this product, so that you can dose in a repeatable way throughout the day. Available from the drop-down menu, this set of 5 measures provides you with a
TAD 1/4 tsp, DASH 1/8 tsp, PINCH 1/16 tsp, SMIDGEN 1/32 tsp and DROP 1/64 tsp.

Weights per small measuring spoon
Tad 0.95g 
Dash 0.49g
Pinch 0.27g

What functions does Potassium perform within the body?

• helps the body to process proteins
• works to effectively metabolise carbohydrates 
• supports the functioning of the nervous system
• regulates the heartbeat through muscles in the heart
• moves nutrients and waste around your body's cells 
• reducing blood pressure
• balances fluids / water balance 
• helps with the removal of any excess unused sodium.

Medical suitability 
People with kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, Addison's disease, stomach ulcers, or other health problems should not take potassium supplements without talking to a medical professional first.  
If you're taking existing medications, you can easily phone your pharmacist to check. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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