Peach Protein Shake - 10 Serve Jar

Wherever we can make things better, cleaner and healthier, Keto Store NZ develops new products. Some very cool things about this Peach Protein Shake developed by us here at Keto Store NZ: 
• Tastes like a juicy, perfectly ripe, sweet peach
• Comes in a mixture that already includes the milk and it's own storage jar
• Just add chilled water to 4 Tablespoons (35g) of the shake mix and blend

• Single serve makes 200 - 250ml depending on taste preference 
• All Natural ingredients • No artificial anything 
• Naturally sweetened with pure Monk Fruit extract and Inulin (dietary fibre)
• 0.8g net carbs for an entire shake
• Comes in loads of different flavour choices (listed below)

Macros per 100ml when made up: Energy 186kJ, Protein 5.8g, Fat 2.2g, Saturated 0.6g, Carbs 0.4g, Sodium 35mg 
Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Cream (from Milk), Natural Flavour Inulin, pure Monk fruit Extract
Contains: Milk

How to use: Mix 35g (4 Tablespoons) with 200ml chilled water. For best results, blitz or blend. No need to add milk as there's Keto Milk already in the mix. 


Chocolate based flavour varieties: 

Banana Chocolate single serve OR 10 serve jar

Chocolate Orange single serve OR 10 serve jar

Milk Chocolate single serve OR 10 serve jar

Pineapple Chocolate single serve OR 10 serve jar

Raspberry & White Chocolate single serve OR 10 serve jar

White Chocolate single serve OR 10 serve jar 

White Chocolate Mocha single serve OR 10 serve jar 

Smooth n Creamy flavour varieties:

Butterscotch single serve OR 10 serve jar 

Caramel single serve OR 10 serve jar 

Peaches & Cream single serve OR 10 serve jar 

Strawberries & Cream single serve OR 10 serve jar 

Vanilla single serve OR 10 serve jar 

Berry flavour varieties:

Blueberry single serve OR 10 serve jar
Mixed Berry single serve OR 10 serve jar

Raspberry single serve OR 10 serve jar

Strawberry single serve OR 10 serve jar

More fruit flavour varieties:

Banana single serve OR 10 serve jar

Lime single serve OR 10 serve jar

Orange single serve OR 10 serve jar

Peach single serve OR 10 serve jar

Pineapple single serve OR 10 serve jar

Cuppa inspired flavour varieties:

Caramel Latte single serve OR 10 serve jar 

Coffee single serve OR 10 serve jar 

Mocha single serve OR 10 serve jar

White Chocolate Mocha single serve OR 10 serve jar

Here are 7 ways our NEW Single Serve Protein Shakes are superior and the reason why each matters. 

The sachet already includes cream powder which is incredibly practical 
- because people don’t carry milk around with them, it's so much easier to add water.
NZ made Whey Protein Isolate with sunflower, the superior processing agent
- because how the key ingredients are made is really important
Uses natural Monk Fruit extract, not industrially made artificial sweeteners
- because when we make food, we prioritise people's health before profits 
Uses natural flavours and an inulin (dietary fibre) base
- because maltodextrin bases spike, slump and kicks ketosis to the curb
Doesn’t contain colours or preservatives
- because they’re just more chemicals that you can do without
Comes in lots of different flavours, after all, variety is life
- because it's boring to be stuck with one single flavour for a whole month
Oh and less than 1g carbs and 11.6g protein per shake
- because it's worth having healthy ingredients with clean protein to support your health goals. You're simply so worth it.


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