Shiitake Mushroom Powder 80g

Recently I went shopping for a low carb mushroom gravy and was disappointed when I saw it contained potato starch, rice flour, and only 6% mushrooms! I thought, let's do better eating real food. So here we are with 100% pure, mushroom powder. Sundried to keep as many nutrients in the jar as humanly possible. 

Plus Shiitake mushrooms are known as an adaptogen and the amount of research is growing that shows that adaptogens help the body regulate in many ways, including improving mood, balancing hormones, fighting fatigue and boosting the immune system.

Either way Mushroom Powder is just so handy and fuss free to add into meals. Whether it's stews,  pasta sauce, stir fry, mushroom sauce over a steak with cream powder. Even sprinkled on toasted cheese sandwiches, it's amazingly versatile. Mushroom powder adds a savoury umami flavour in everything it touches. 

Q: How does the taste of Shiitake mushrooms compare with Button mushrooms? 
A: Button mushrooms have a really mild taste. Shiitake mushrooms have a much smokier and more savoury umami flavour. This flavour is enhanced in 2 ways; the mushrooms are sundried and then again when you heat them by cooking. Using dried mushroom powder is a popular choice for many cooks, particularly when creating soups or stews. 

Ingredients: 100% Shiitake Mushrooms (no preservatives, no additives) sundried to maximise nutrients.  
Features: a good source of B vitamins, Vitamin D and low in calories. 

Some shiitake health benefits may include the ability to aid weight loss, support cardiovascular health, fight cancer cells, improve energy levels and brain function, reduce inflammation, and support the immune system

Macros per 10g serve (btw that's a whole sauce worth) Energy 55kJ, Protein 2g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrates 1.7g Sodium 1mg, Potassium 30mg.  
Vegan, Gluten-free 


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