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Milk Protein Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny

Save 28% off RRP or $3.95 per Bunny

130g solid Milk Protein Chocolate Easter Bunny
with NO MALTITOL. We are hopping with joy! 

There was no more sitting on the sidelines watching others scoff. With the benefit of protein macros that make weight control easier, by reducing appetite and triggering hormones that promote feelings of fullness and satisfaction. You can be well sorted to keep it healthier this Easter, and now that can continue. Until Stocks Last. 

Features: Vitawerx chocolate is high in protein, made with real cocoa butter, Keto friendly, No refined sugar, Low in Carbs and 100% Gluten Free. Sweetened with Xylitol, so please keep away from your furry kids aka dogs! 
Macros are in the images
Allergens: may contain tree nuts, milk, soy and sesame seeds.

Please note: We can not guarantee that chocolate products won't go soft, melt or break during transit. Based on this, we will not be able to replace or exchange the product if this should happen. Please bear this in mind, particularly during the hotter Summer months. The chocolate can be revived and eaten just fine by popping it into the fridge, as it was designed to be melted, just in your mouth : ) Thank you for your understanding.


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