Deliciously smooth and not jacked up with sugar like regular fudge. Instead it's a heavenly combo of real milk chocolate made with cocoa butter (NO Palm Oil here). Bridge that 4pm slump with ease. It's even great rubbed onto hot keto pancakes as a chocolate layer. Or you know, you could just hide it in the vegetable crisper for its (temporary) safety.  

100% natural and 100% yummy - satisfy that craving, without sugar and carbs. 
Milk Chocolate + Whey Protein Isolate and NO Palm Oil - it gets the big tick.

Macros per 40g bar: energy 951kJ, net carbs 3g, protein 9.2g, fat 19.5g, sodium 33.5mg
Ingredients: are listed in the images. Please note these have xylitol in it, so remember to keep it away from your furry family aka puppies and dogs.


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