Introducing the very latest and greatest alcoholic kombucha mixed pack by Kombucha Bros!

Featuring 4 alcoholic flavours 
Gin & Ginger 
Blood Orange 
Tasman Berries 

What makes this 5.5% ABV alcoholic kombucha epic?   It gives you options! and love their carbonated, subtly sweet, punchy flavours.

Kombucha Bros have been making kombucha using traditional methods for the past 10 years. We love their sustainability focus, as well as sourcing locally.  

How to order directly from Jake and Brandon at Kombucha Bros:
1 - click here for the Kombucha Bros website 
2 - confirm you're old enough and you definitely know better : ) 
3 - Browse the amazing selection of tins, bottles, dozens or mixed packs.  
4 - Place your order, if over $50 use KETOSTORE code at checkout to get a benefit that we're not allowed to say (due to alcohol advertising rules) but you'll see when you complete your customer and delivery details. 
5 - Your purchase will be dispatched to you, directly from Kombucha Bros (this is done separately from any Keto Store NZ order)
6 - Enjoy gut loving Kombucha, it's so so good for your soul as well as your health goals.  

Get your I wanna try all the flavours mixed pack of alcoholic Kombucha here

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