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These are an incredible set of kitchen scales for these 6 reasons: 

Stainless Steel Platform
 - super easy to wipe and keep clean 

Weighs up to 3kg - in 0.1g increments
 - powers on with a back-lit screen, easy to read  

Small but perfectly formed footprint 13cm x 10cm in size (4 inch x 4 inch) 
 - comes with plastic covers which double as trays for weighing any floppy bags. 

When using American recipes, weigh in ounces (no need for math conversions)
 - to do this press the M (Mode) button through the options until you see oz

Tare off the scale after adding each ingredient to track only what you've added 
 - to do this press the T (Tare) button 
Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Automatically turns off after 180 seconds (3 mins) saving batteries. 

These are designed to weigh food, not people.

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