Genetic Health Checks

The following are genetic health focused checks by iScreen

myDNA Comprehensive Health Report (91 tests included)
The MyDNA Comprehensive Health Report is a personalised service that analyses your DNA to provide information about your genetic predisposition to various health conditions, as well as recommendations for diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications that may help you optimise your health.

MTHFR Check (2 tests included) 
As much as half of the population may have an MTHFR gene test mutation which may cause anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and depression. Find out more with this simple cheek swab test.

Genetic Methylation Check (91 tests included)
This genetic methylation test covers an extensive 92 genes, and 113 SNP’s, (including the MTRR, MTR, MTHFR, COMT genes) and is performed by a NATA accredited international laboratory. The Genetic Methylation Check analyses your DNA to provide insights into your individual methylation pathways. Methylation is the process which allows your genes to function optimally, so understanding your personal methylation pathways is key to optimising your health.

Biological Age Check (1 test included) 
The Biological Age saliva test calculates the true biological age of individuals by analysing the DNA methylation profiles of the human genome as a biomarker of the aging process.

When you are ready to take control of your health, i-screen provides key health analytics and blood testing services to help you understand what's really going on in your body. 

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