Keto French Fries

Yes, you read it right. Keto French Fries. Heavenly Fan has cracked the code and this recipe pack gives you everything you need to make these crunchy, fluffy French Fries that are so so very satisfying to eat. 

All you need to add is hot boiled water to the contents of our Keto French Fries recipe pack as it has everything you need to make these Keto French Fries. And believe us when we say you'll feel full eating these wonders. 

You can select either almond flour or coconut flour recipe packs - so either way you're sorted and it's quite a simple recipe to follow. We agree with Heavenly Fan on this one - cooking Keto French Fries is magic!

And for the complete 'Fish & Chips' experience, add our Batter recipe pack to go a long with your fries. 

And if you're interested in the hard to come by Konjac Powder mentioned in the video by Heavenly Fan, we sell that here at the Keto Store too. 

Macros: for a whole batch made from one recipe pack
Almond Flour  NC 7.1g   Fat 53.6g  Protein 21.4g
Coconut Flour NC 10.7g   Fat 7.1g  Protein 7.1g

Allergens: These are Gluten Free and as they are packed in the same premises as items containing gluten, we store ingredients separately, use separate equipment, carefully schedule and clean in between products as carefully as we can.
Almond fries - Almond Flour and Xanthan Gum 
Coconut fries - Coconut Flour and Xanthan Gum 

Instructions to make: We're saving the planet one toner cartridge and tree at a time so to get an email with the recipe link, at checkout, leave the "keep me updated ..." option ticked. Also once you have the recipe pack in your hands, take a look on the front label. It has a https: link and when that's typed into a browser address line (not a google search) the recipe downloads. Super handy if you’re giving the Recipe Pack to someone else.


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