Keto French Fries Recipe below

Yes, you read it right. Keto French Fries. Heavenly Fan has cracked the code and this recipe pack gives you everything you need to make these crunchy, fluffy French Fries that are so so very satisfying to eat. 

Ingredients for Almond fries: * = available here at the Keto Store NZ 
100g Almond Flour 
1 teaspoon Xanthan Gum 3g
2 teaspoons Konjac Powder 6g 
6 Tablespoons boiling hot water

Ingredients for Coconut fries: * = available here at the Keto Store NZ 
50g Coconut Flour
1 teaspoon Xanthan Gum 3g
2 teaspoons Konjac Powder 6g
7-8 Tablespoons hot water (1/2 Cup) 

Ingredients for the best of both world's fries: * = available at the Keto Store NZ 
For the best fries combine 50g Almond Flour + 25g Coconut flour + 3gm Xanthan + 6g Konjac Powder

1 - Boil the jug 
2 - Put the dry ingredients into a bowl and give it a quick stir
3 - Add the water (amount depends on your desired version) into the dry ingredients and mix together using a spatula. 
   Care: Be safe with boiling water as the dough will be too hot to touch with hands
4 - Mix until all the ingredients are blended together  
   Tip: you may need to add 1 - 2 Tablespoons of water for the dough to hold together
    The mixture should hold together and be slightly sticky, not dry
5 - Cover the bowl in cling film and leave it to rest for 5 minutes. 
6 - With a rolling pin, spread out the dough until it reaches 1/4 cm thickness. 
7 - Using a sharp knife, cut into slim strips French Fries shapes. 

Shallow Fry option:
8 - Into a frying pan, add a generous amount of oil (enough to cover the fries)
9 - Maintain medium to low heat
10 - Gently place the slim strips into the frying pan 
11 - Fry them until they are golden on all sides 
       Tip: using chopsticks and an oven mitt makes it easier to turn the fries over

Oven option:
8 - Set the oven to 200 C so it preheats
9 - Oil or grease a sheet of baking paper and lay it down on a flat baking tray.
10 - Place the dough strips on the lined baking tray
11 - Brush a generous amount of oil on top of the French Fries
12 - Bake in a 200 C oven for 5 minutes, before turning the fries over to make sure they cook evenly on all sides. The fries should be golden brown and done between (10-15 mins).

Get the fries ready to eat
13 - Transfer the fries to a plate lined with paper towels to remove excess oil
14 - Sprinkle with Himalayan Salt or your favourite seasonings like Salt n Vinegar. 
15 - Serve hot and enjoy

And for the complete 'Fish & Chips' experience, add our Batter mix to go along with your fries. 

Macros: for a whole batch made from one recipe pack
Almond Flour  NC 7.1g   Fat 53.6g  Protein 21.4g
Coconut Flour NC 10.7g   Fat 7.1g  Protein 7.1g
For the best version NC 8.9g  Fat 30.4g  Protein 14.3g


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