a variety with 3 of each flavour Electrolyte Sachets 

We will include as many of the range of flavours that we have in stock into the variety pack, but to set expectations, sometimes not all flavours can be represented. 

A lovely person once said, "Why struggle to chose one, when you can choose them all?" wait, that was me! The easiest way to figure out what you like, is to try them all. And if you're sometimes a bit indecisive like me, then it can take 3 goes before I can truly decide ... maybe!

Value: at $1.66 per sachet that's really great value for your money, especially when compared with paying upwards of $4.50 for a commercially prepared drink that has 3xs less active ingredients in it. 

What's in the variety pack? 18 sachets, and as many of the flavours that you can see in the image as possible to supply. Each makes 600ml of a divine tasting healthy electrolyte booster. So your plain boring old water is about to get way more interesting and healthier for you with these flavour choices: 
• Mixed Berry
• Cool Citrus 
• Grape 
• Lemonade 
• Lemon Lime
• Orange

Individual sachets of Sqwincher electrolytes of sodium, potassium and calcium with an amazing authentic taste. All the key electrolytes necessary to hydrate the body in a single serve, handy to carry sachet.

The Sqwincher company has been around 45+ years in the USA and the hydration solutions were created because Soft Drink companies like Gatorade, Powderade don't put anywhere near enough vitamins and minerals into their drinks to properly replenish electrolytes. 

How to use: Simply tear, add to 600ml of water, shake and you're on your way back to quickly restoring balanced hydration.  

Macros per 600ml serve: Energy 17kJ, Sodium 135mg, Potassium 108mg Calcium 16mg Vit C 140mg, Net Carbs 1g Sugar 0g. While this product has 0g sugar due to being sweetened with sucralose, it has to state that it's 99.5% sugar-free due to the natural flavours that adds 1g net carbs in 600ml. 


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