Crumbed Chicken Recipe

This is yum and comes out perfect. No more losing your breading as seems to happen to me with almond flour or crushed pork crackling. You don’t really need the crushed chips, but it does add yummy flavour.

Ingredients (* = available here at Keto Store NZ):
Chicken Breast split in half 
optional 1 packet of Quest Chilli and Lime crisps crushed.
1/2 Cup (42g) - 3/4 (62g) Cup Keto Flour*
1 egg 
Salt and Black pepper to taste 


1 - Slice each chicken breast in half 
2 - Beat 1 egg with lots of salt and pepper
3 - 
Dip chicken breasts in egg
4 - Then coat with flour mix
5 - Fry in a pan in olive oil or other fat of choice

 this recipe is from Kay who has recently got keto scones back into her life thanks to the new Keto Flour pre-mix to perfection. We love celebrating and sharing innovative ways to use the Keto Flour make perfection : ) 


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