Cream of Tartar 150g Jar

Cream of tartar eliminates and flushes the destructive bacteria that causes skin inflammation and acne including blackheads. For migraine sufferers, potassium can reduce occurrences. Used to stabilise egg whites (meringues) and increasing their heat tolerance; preventing sugar syrups from crystallizing; reducing discoloration of boiled vegetables.

Benefits and claims: Cream of tartar is high in potassium which regulates hydration and blood pressure, reduces migraine headaches and eases issues with quitting smoking. In the first few weeks of starting a Keto Diet, your electrolyte and salt balance changes. Potassium is one of the minerals needed to avoid fatigue, muscle cramps and heart arrhythmia. Cream of tartar is important both for sodium and potassium balance and to minimise the Keto Flu.
Features: White, acidic powder. High in potassium

Macros: each teaspoon contains 495mg of potassium
Allergens: cream of tartar is free from dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts and other top 14 allergens.

Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient: Suggest putting 1 teaspoon in half a cup of water and consuming twice daily to treat skin inflammation and acne. Cloud bread, Keto Bread, Keto Lemon Pudding Cakes, Keto Snickerdoodles, Keto Vanilla Meringues.


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