Chives Shaker Large 25g Jar

Chives are the unsung hero of the kitchen and you'd use them in place of sliced onion to lower the carb count of your meals because they count as zero carbs. Chives are delicate herbs with mild onion flavour and have loads of uses.
• add them to lightly cooked dishes, salads, omelets, creamy sauces. 
• in dips like sour cream and chives, spreads and toppings
• garnishing with a little sprinkling to jazz up meals.

Compared to green onions, chives have slightly more calcium, double the amount of folate and four times the amount of vitamin A. Plus with a long shelf life chives are much better, with a whole lot less crying involved : ) 

Ingredients: 100% Chives (no preservatives, no additives)  
Macros: per gm (which is a lot) Energy 1.2kJ, Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbs 0g, 
This whole Shaker Jar contains 25g of chives


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