Banana Marshmallow Slice (using Protein Crisps)  

Our customers love the 88% protein content of the Protein Crisps and are finding them excellent in baking or eaten as a quick snack on their own. The following is a recipe from @sezzy_keto on Instagram. Her advice "Make sure to get your hands on these and try them for yourself." :)

Ingredients (* = available here at Keto Store NZ):
Banana Marshmallow Slice Base Ingredients:
1/4 Cup Maple Syrup
1/2 Cup Peanut Butter*
1 Cup Chocolate Protein Crisps* exclusively available at Keto Store NZ
30g Protein Powder (unflavoured Whey Protein* or Whey Protein Isolate*)
1 Tablespoon melted Coconut Oil

Marshmallow Filling Ingredients
1tbsp Gelatine*
1/4 cup cold water
1/2 cup Allulose*
1/3 cup water
Vitalzing Banana Milk Drops*
Yellow food colouring *optional

Topping ingredients:
I tbsp Coconut Oil
100g Dark Keto Chocolate Chips*

Equipment: Lined Loaf Tin

1 - Mix the base ingredients together until combined
2 - Press into a lined loaf pan place in refrigerator to harden.
3 - To make marshmallow: in a bowl pour first measure of cold water and Gelatine together and let it bloom.
4 - In a pot place Allulose and 1/3 Cup (that's the second measure) of water and simmer around 5 minutes until the Allulose has fully dissolved.
5 - Pour the Allulose mixture into the Gelatine mix then beat with an electric beater until the marshmallow starts to thicken (around 10 -15 mins) while mix it still runny add in milk drops to taste and food colouring (if using)
6 - Once the marshmallow is fluffy pour the mixture over the top of the base and place back in the refrigerator to cool and set.
7 - Once set melt chocolate and coconut oil together and pour evenly across the top of the marshmallow and place back in the refrigerator to set
8 - Once completely cool slice with a hot knife and enjoy

Storage in an airtight container in the fridge

About the recipe creator: This Keto delight has been shared with you by Sezzy-Keto from Instagram. She has lots of info she shares about her Keto journey, so check her out : )


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