Baking Soda 100g

Also known as sodium bicarbonate and it needs both an acid and a liquid to activate and rise in baking. Keto baking needs more oomph to lift heavier ingredients, so more of the active ingredients are necessary. 

Benefits and Claims: Baking soda has many uses around the household as well as for health. Helpful as a natural alkalising agent, boosts kidney function, good with gout, UTIs and other joint problems.
Features: Baking soda is a natural antacid, power packed with antiseptic properties and is an amazing exfoliator.

Macros per 13gm: NC 0g, P 0g, F 0g, calories 0, sodium 3775mg
Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate
Purely mined and non GMO

Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient: Many great keto recipes have baking soda in them.


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