Soft Keto Tortillas

Net carbs per ENTIRE BATCH is only 11 carbs ... amazing. 
Equipment needed: kitchen scales 

Ingredients (* available here at the Keto Store NZ)  
246g Keto Flour Premix*
36g Baking Powder*
76g softened butter/lard/ghee - 10 second bursts in microwave does the trick  
236ml of warmed water

Recipe Method: 
1 - Add 300g Keto Store Flour into mixer, then add softened butter 
2 - Mix to incorporate together 
3 - Slowly pour in the water while the mixer is still going. The consistency should be a dough squishable in your fingers without crumbling
4 - Place a ball of dough on waxed paper or silicon baking mat  
5 - Roll out but don't roll them too thin 
6 - If you prefer round good looking tortillas, then place a saucepan lid down and cut around it with a knife. Scrunch up the surplus bits and make another tortilla out of them. 
7 - Flip the tortilla onto a hot dry pan and remove the wax paper from the bottom
8 - Cook one side, then flip over to finish cooking

Hint:  If using them as a tortilla you need to let them cool before folding
About the recipe: This recipe inspiration is from Victoria's Kitchen. The flour blend uses key ingredients sourced from the USA and made available here in NZ. 


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