Whey Protein 200g - Unflavoured - 100% natural NZ made

A great cost effective way of trying out the difference extra protein makes in your way of eating regime. This is the best tasting, creamy whey protein available + pure NZ made at a 1.9g net carbs for a protein shake, that can still be very workable within carb macros for those wanting to boost their protein macros.

If you're after lower carbs, then for $3.50 more you can get 200g of the whey protein isolate at 0 net carbs per shake
If you're after a creamier taste and texture, but with higher carbs then read on. 

Rich in amino acids and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) Whey Protein is creamy in texture, fast digesting and a source of complete protein with benefits for maintaining and repairing muscles. 

per 32g - Net carbs 1.9g, Fat 2.2g, Protein 25g energy 541kJ, sodium 43mg, 
per 100g - Net Carbs 6.1g. Fat 7.1g, Protein 80g energy 1730kJ, sodium 140mg


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