Victoria Kitchen (VK) Keto Flour 2.0 Recipe 

On 05/08/2023 Victoria tweaked her New Standard Zero Carb Keto Flour as it has less moisture, it is more fine tuned for bread making. Now also available in the pre-mixed format!

VK Flour 2.0 Recipe: Combine these ingredients *available here from the Keto Store: 
228g Oat Fibre* OR 192g Bamboo Fibre*
168g Almond Flour* OR 135g Pecan Flour OR 135g Hazelnut Flour*
60g Egg White Protein Powder* from free range eggs 
10g Xanthan Gum* (soy free) 

Please note that the quantity this recipe makes will vary depending on the 'pick a path' you've chosen with your key ingredients. 

Almond vs Pecan 
Victoria is preferring the aesthetic that Almond flour gives and the access to keep the cost of it down for people. Unfortunately Pecan flour has proven too difficult to source here. Our brand of ultra-fine USA Almond flour only added 0.1 of a gram carbs difference to pecan.  

Hazelnut Flour is low in oxalates (which was the intention behind Victoria including Pecan) and using hazelnut flour in the mix at 135g, gives the exact same lightness that pecan did, along with that same carbs as a mix using almond flour. The combination of either Bamboo Fibre or Oat Fibre with the Hazelnut Flour gives baking outcomes a wholemeal look, the same as Pecan did.     

How to store: In an airtight container in the fridge due to the high oil content of Pecan, Hazelnut or Almond Flour. Shake or stir it up with a whisk before each use. 

Q+A about this latest recipe 

What's the difference between this recipe and the prior one?
In summary it's better suited for bread making and broken down the choices between: 
• Oat Fibre and Bamboo Fibre
• Almond Flour / Hazelnut flour / Pecan Flour  
Egg White has gone back to prior recipe amounts
Less Xanthan - so less moisture retaining

Keto Store NZ testing hint (if you are making cakes or recipes that go better with a bit of moisture retained, add 2g Xanthan back into your mix)  

How did they get this recipe down to zero carbs? When carbs are less that 0.5g per serve they are rounded down to be 0g in advertising.

Bamboo fibre - really? Yes it's from the young shoots and is very high in cellulose. When you think about abundant, easy-to-grow plant-based sources of fibre, bamboo makes sense. Humans have been eating bamboo shoots for thousands of years in Asian dishes. It's just new to our culture. 

Is this flour gluten free? 
All the ingredients are Gluten Free because they are grown, manufactured and packaged completely separately from any cross contamination from wheat. Even when substituting with the Oat Fibre, that has been externally audited and certified at source as being Gluten Free. However in NZ we are prevented from saying that Oat Fibre is Gluten Free, simply because it has the word Oat in the ingredient title. Seems crazy but it's true! 

How come this recipe keeps changing? Victoria has kept evolving the recipe based on feedback from ourselves and others performing testing around the globe. As with any innovation, there's a process of iteration and on-going tweaks before perfection is really achieved. So we're pleased to be collaborating on a global scale to bring you all a truly awesome keto solution.    

Is this recipe the latest version? The ingredients and measurements listed on this page here will always be the most up-to-date iteration. We put a date stamp in the header too as a guide. 


• 82g of this flour replaces one volumetric cup of flours in recipes
• if you have a recipe where the flour is expressed in grams, do not just add in the same amount of grams of this flour. Instead calculate the regular flour in the recipe by cups - then swap each cup with 82g of this flour.  

• The fibre in this recipe is liquid hungry, and keto recipes have usually been adapted to factor this in. When substituting regular flour in recipes, check the consistency of the batter as you may need to add more water teaspoon at a time. You can always add more, you can't easily remove too much liquid.  

• Always use room temperature eggs and ingredients. The coldness of ingredients changes the texture of the mixture.  

• When making bread, do not use mugs of boiling water as heat sources when leaving the dough to rise, as this flour is very sensitive to moisture. To create a perfect environment, heat the oven to 50*C before starting to make your recipe and turn off the oven immediately once it reaches that temperature. By the time you've made your dough, the residual heat in the oven will be the delicious 25-28*C which is the ideal for activating the raising agents like yeast. 

Acknowledgement: The VK New Standard Flour 2.0 recipe are from Victoria's Kitchen Youtube channel. We've been blessed to bring you ingredients necessary to make this latest cutting-edge global keto innovation here in NZ, so you can avoid expensive international shipping. 


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