Victoria Kitchen (VK) Flour Recipe 

After much testing and trials on a global scale, with our feedback along with many many other contributors from around the globe, Victoria has just now landed on her Perfected Keto Flour recipe that works well and has a broader usage capabilities.

Victoria has stated that this updated recipe isn't in any of her videos, so best to read about it here because it keeps evolving based on our feedback from testing, so the measurements listed on this page here will always be the most up to date version. 

If you are following the old versions of the flour recipe from the videos (that haven't been updated) you may experience a slimier (if that's a word) soft eggy blend that doesn't always perform well. With any innovation, there's a process of iteration and on-going tweaks before perfection is really achieved. So we're pleased to be collaborating on a global scale to bring you all a truly awesome keto solution.    

VK Flour Recipe: Combine these ingredients *from the Keto Store NZ, to make 480g - 4.5 Cups of VK flour at 5g net carbs per 100g:  
336g Almond Flour (ultra fine from the USA)* other brands are heaver & don't work out
76g Oat Fibre (gmo-free from the USA)* a different measure from those in the video
50g Egg White Protein Powder* from free range eggs work better 
18g Xanthan Gum (soy free)* a different measure from those in the video

Keto Store Flour 500g Premix available (slightly different and tested to be better)
Here's how it differs:

• Even lower in carbs than the VK flour recipe above so take 5g -> 3.5g per 100g 
• Specialty ingredients sourced from the USA and we use free range egg powder (not all suppliers of egg powder here in NZ are the free range one)
• Individually weighed to insane levels of accuracy which is super important for this mix to work out in recipes 
• Created by hand and blended in a way that optimises 
performance of the flour during baking.
• Additional ingredients that in our testing made a big difference in taste, texture and performance and yes, we regularly give this feedback to Victoria through the collaborator group : )  

How to store: In an airtight container either in the pantry or in the fridge if using infrequently. Shake or stir it up with a whisk before each use. 


• When replacing flour in American-based recipes: A cup is not a cup when using American recipes as USA cups are 240g & ours are 250g. So always use the weight of flour, do not go off the cup size. One cup of this flour weighs 105 grams.

• Adding water and egg to this flour blend does make it more like a cake batter consistency vs a dough. Always use room temperature eggs. 

• When making bread, do not use mugs of boiling water as heat sources when leaving the dough to rise, as this flour is very sensitive to moisture. To create a perfect environment, heat the oven to 50*C before starting to make your recipe and turn off the oven immediately once it reaches that temperature. By the time you've made your dough, the residual heat in the oven will be the delicious 25-28*C which is the ideal for activating the raising agents like yeast. 

Acknowledgement: The VK Flour recipe and image are from Victoria's Kitchen. We've enhanced the formula used in our Keto Store Keto Flour pre-mix, developing and extensively testing. All the while giving feedback to Victoria for improvements, along with many, many other contributors around the globe : )


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