Sunflower Seeds 150gm 

These are pre-hulled sunflower seeds, ready to be eaten. Are they Keto? Yes they are! 
An excellent source of Vitamin E (for brain power) Copper (red blood cell production) and Vitamin B6 (Cardiovascular health).    
Great for snacking, sprinkled in salads, adding seediness to breads or milling - although you can get sunflower flour already ground from us here way cheaper than the power bill you'd get to run and then clean your blitzer :)  

Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds 
Allergens: Sunflower Seeds are NOT tree nuts. Sunflower Seed Butter may be consumed as an alternative to peanut butter. 

For each 25g serving and there are 6 servings in each 150g pack:
Energy 597kJ, Protein 8.5g, Fat 12.4g, Carbs 3.7g, Natural Sugars 4.7g, Sodium 5.7mg 
Macros per 100gm: 
Energy 2385kJ, Protein 34g, Fat 46g, Carbs 19g, Natural Sugars 3g, Sodium 23mg  


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