Silicone Food Dropper 

These come in very handy if you're ...

  • needing to get the mixture for gummies into snake or any other molds
  • decorating with fine details, so you get a great looking outcome; not just blobs of food :)
  • or just want the freedom to create artistic shapes of food.

How to use: Squeeze the silicone end, place the open tube end into any liquid mixture, Release the silicone and the liquid mixture will move up into the tube with ease. Position over where you'd like the liquid mixture to go and gently squeeze the silicone end to release it. You now have perfect control for decorating or making or food preparation. Top shelf dishwasher safe.

These are also called Pipette Liquid Food Droppers and are 5ml in size.
Random colours will be selected from purple, teal or blue as shown in the photo.


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