Pistachio Nuts - Roasted Salted in Shell - 290g 

Pistachio nuts have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties but the best thing is they're naturally portion controlled, as you pry open the shell before eating the reward inside. Plus you can get a few knee snap exercises in when catching the few wayward ones :) 

With high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and potassium the biggest deal about pistachio nuts is that they assist the body convert tryptophan to Melatonin. This means any delayed onset of sleep is reduced and sleep duration and quality is improved. So all you need to do is go a bit nutty after dinner to wake up feeling like brand new in the morning :) 

Ingredients: Pistachio Nuts and Salt 
Allergens: Pistachios are Tree Nuts

For each 25g serving (there are 12 servings in each 290g pack):
Energy 1035kJ, Protein 8g, Fat 18.8g, Net Carbs 1.7g, Natural Sugars 0.5g, Sodium 280mg 
Macros per 100gm: 
Energy 2589kJ, Protein 20g, Fat 47g, Net Carbs 6.8g, Sodium 700mg 
Note: The nutrition panel on the bag shows total carbs, and hasn't factored in dietary fibre.


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