A natural keto body and taste enhancer 

Your body functions differently on Keto and needs 5 grams of salt (sodium) a day to balance fluid retention, avoid dehydration and minimise keto flu symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, nausea, constipation and muscle cramps. All these negative symptoms can be avoided or minimised with salts and minerals. 

The challenge is that normal salt tastes terrible in drinks and is heavy on meals leaving a bitter taste and doesn't have potassium in it, which is also much needed by your body. So how do we get salt in past the taste buds in a way that makes meals epic? 

We discovered the magic that is the world famous Maldon salt and here's why we love it! 

  • There are absolutely no additives, not even anti-caking agents.
  • It's much less processed, so this salt retains minerals like iron, potassium, and zinc for your consumption.
  • The secret is the light, pyramidal crystals that give a nice crunch on meat, roasts and baked goods.
  • World famous, small batch, hand harvested sea salt since 1882 really enhances everything it touches.
  • You can improve your body and enhance the taste of the food you make at the same time! 

Maldon Sea Salt is the legendary tasting sea salt to cook with or just sprinkle and finish off any dish. And you can channel Gordon Ramsey or any top chef, as this is exactly what they use on their dishes! We think you simply haven't had salt until you've experienced Maldon because it makes simple meals taste extraordinary

Ingredients: Sea Salt 
Macros: Zero Net Carbs 0g, Fat 0g, Protein 0g Sodium 580mg


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