These are the cleanest ingredient Keto Wraps available and gluten-free. Julie from Keto Smart Bakes has said a big NO to wheat flour and NO gluten, NO resistant tapioca starch, NO to vegetable oils, NO to preservatives, NO to emulsifiers, NO to dextrose. 

If you are doing keto for health reasons, then eating clean ingredients gives you the best shot to achieve your goals. Wraps make for a convenient pantry essential because with them you can make keto tortilla chips, an alternative to pastry for pies and loads of other meal options for breakfasts, lunches or dinners. Fast food Keto style.  

Check out freshly hand made, clean ingredient, gluten-free keto tortilla wraps in store here!   

How to Order Directly from Julie at Keto Smart Bakes 
1. Click here for Keto Smart Bakes website
2. Browse the amazing selection knowing everything is made with clean ingredients  
3. Place your order, completing your customer and delivery details. 
4. Your purchase will be made fresh by Julie and despatched directly to you (this is done separately from any Keto Store NZ order).
5. Enjoy freshly made baking, without trying to squeeze it into your busy lifestyle.   


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