The race was on, the boys were online ordering pizza for delivery and I was determined to stick to keto. Who was going to get theirs first? With pizza bases already made by Julie at Keto Smart Bakes I just needed to heat up the oven, pop on the toppings and voila. It was cooked, sliced and temptations avoided all before the delivery driver left the pizza store. Now that's what I call fast food keto style. And the non-ketoers were pinching slices because after demolishing their pizza, they were still hungry boys! 

If the sound of freshly hand made, clean ingredient, gluten-free high protein pizza bases sounds like a great way to stay keto when others around you aren't, head over and order pizza bases from here!  With a keto way of life, it pays to be prepared and these bases freeze really well too, even after you put toppings on them :) Available in thin, mini and regular pizza bases. 

How to Order Directly from Julie at Keto Smart Bakes 
1. Click here for Keto Smart Bakes website
2. Browse the amazing selection knowing everything is made with clean ingredients  
3. Place your order, completing your customer and delivery details. 
4. Your purchase will be made fresh by Julie and despatched directly to you (this is done separately from any Keto Store NZ order).
5. Enjoy freshly made baking, without trying to squeeze it into your busy lifestyle. Dinner is sorted. 


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