Money can't buy happiness but it can buy donuts, and that's pretty much the same thing!
And the donuts from Keto Smart Bakes are soft, fluffy and full of flavour. The mixed 6 pack has one each of these most delicious flavoured donuts, SO so good:

  • Pina Colada
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry 
  • Vanilla Sprinkle 
  • Triple Chocolate Dip 
  • Chocolate Fudge Cookie Crumb
  • Chocolate and Raspberry. 

Freshly hand made, clean ingredients, gluten-free. For your pure keto donut delight, order from here!   

How to Order Directly from Julie at Keto Smart Bakes 
1. Click here for Keto Smart Bakes website
2. Browse the amazing selection knowing everything is made with clean ingredients  
3. Place your order, completing your customer and delivery details. 
4. Your purchase will be made fresh by Julie and despatched directly to you (this is done separately from any Keto Store NZ order).
5. Enjoy freshly made baking, without trying to squeeze it into your busy lifestyle.   


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