5 of the best Low Carb Life Baking Mixes 

What's better than a slice? 5 of them made so you can have a massive variety of choice. Because sometimes it's a lemon day, other times it's chocolate brownie, and maybe tomorrow will be raspberry white chocolate.

No matter what kind of slice you feel like, low carb life have got you covered. And with this baking bundle in your pantry, you'll never get stuck at the last minute for inspiration. 

Just so fast to crank out a dish that you can feel comfortable it will turn out fab and worthy of you bringing to events wherever life is celebrated over food. 

1 x Chocolate Almond Torte
1 x Rich Chocolate Brownie
1 x Raspberry White Chocolate Slice 
1 x Lemonlicious Slice 
1 x Chocolate Mousse Slice 

Refer to the links above to the individual products for details about macros, ingredients for each product.

For under $80 that's a whole lot of catering done right there! Super fast to make, prep the next one, while the preceding mix is baking. Makes Keto Catering sorted. 


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