KEWPIE Mayonnaise - 1 litre squeezy bottle

Q: What's the worst thing about mayonnaise?
A: The tiny sizes available so you run out more often and have to pay more for it.
Introducing Keto Kewpie Mayonnaise heaven in a 1 litre squeezy bottle.

Reasons why we like it ... 

  • Really low in carbs 0.7g per 100g 
  • Naturally preserved in vinegar and just a pinch of salt
  • Twice as many egg yolks than other brands 
  • Since 1925 it's been the best rated mayo 
  • Amino acids from the egg yolk protein is the key in Kewpie's tasty, savoury flavour. 

per 15g Tablespoon - Carbs 0.1g, Fat 12g, Protein 0.3g Sodium 110mg, Energy 455kJ  
per 100g: Carbs 0.7g, Fat 81g, Protein 1.7g Sodium 710mg, Energy 3020kJ

Ingredients: Soybean Vegetable Oil, Egg Yolk, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Rice Vinegar, Water, Flavour enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate), Spices (Mustard), Anti-oxidant 385
Allergens: contains egg and mustard 

Is MSG Keto? 
By definition, yes - MSG is keto friendly as it has zero carbs and zero calories - just sodium which is good for electrolyte balance. 

What happens to MSG in your body? 
Chemically, MSG becomes sodium and glutamate during digestion, neither of which are damaging to health. Sodium is an essential mineral, with the FDA recommending an upper limit of 2,300mg per day. Glutamate is an amino acid obtained through food. It is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body and is also used as a major neurotransmitter throughout the nervous system.

So what's the fuss about it? 
Concerns around MSG as a food additive began in the 60s and although the findings of this research have largely been debunked, fears still surround the widespread use of MSG. Some early studies found that it caused brain damage in rats, but closer inspection reveals that these findings were only possible when administering astronomically large doses of MSG, which you simply wouldn’t find in food.

What's the latest research? 
More recent scientifically proven research into humans has NOT found any association between normal levels of MSG and symptoms including headaches, weight changes, allergies, or hypothalamic disruption.


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