Organic Tomato Paste 190ml

Reasons why Ceres Paste is our go-to tomato sauce mixture
1 - Organically grown vine-ripened Italian Tomatoes at 99.5% compared to less than 60% in tinned tomatoes
2 - A concentrated flavour so small amounts used making carbs lower at 2.2g per Tablespoon used. 
3 - Only additions are Natural sea salt, just superb! 
4 - You and yours are hungry so we feel your need for speed! Simply open, use 1 Tablespoon, add Keto Milk to desired consistency, heat = sauce made.

Add either cream or coconut cream and butter to make a creamy tomato sauce. Or just add a dash of herbs to suit your taste preferences and there you have a great tasting Keto Pasta Sauce for Spaghetti or a tomato-based Fettucine
This can also be used as a layer for Keto Lasagna or on pizza, and cheese toasted sandwiches.

Macros per 100g: Carbs 4g, Energy 106kJ, Protein 1.4g, Fat 0.2g, Dietary Fibre 0.9g, Sodium 200mg.  

Ingredients: Organic Italian Tomatoes 99.5%, Natural Sea Salt
Brand: Ceres, famous for being chemical and additive free, clean eating at it's best.  
Allergens: No known allergens in this sauce.
Gluten free: The ingredients in the sauce are Gluten Free. 


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