1:1 substitute for normal flour - 500g 
makes everything you bake ketofied! 

Ever wanted to take a non-keto recipe and just swap out the flour to ketofy it?
Well now you can. Super convenient, excellent baking results. 

To make anything keto, not as dense, heavy or bland as 100% almond flour, this is just the best thing! To ketofy recipes with yeast in them you'll need a different flour blend available here.    

This blend is a supplemented food containing allulose with pure monkfruit in order to better enhance the texture of your baking and a gorgeous browning in the oven. The presence of sweeteners does not replace sweeteners in the recipes you use or make this flour overly sweet.     

How to use: Simply swap out the flour in any cake or biscuit recipe with this mixture. To get the best performance, you will still need to add in the raising agent and liquids that are mentioned in the recipe that you're making. 

Self Raising flour Turning this mix into Keto Self Raising Flour is super easy, just follow the instructions on the back of the packet. 

How to store: In an airtight container either in the pantry or in the fridge if using infrequently. Shake or stir it up with a whisk before each use. 

per 25g serve: net carbs 1.5g, protein 6.2g, fat 8.8g dietary fibre 4.8, energy 499kJ
per 100g net carbs 5.9g, protein 24.6g, fat 35.3g dietary fibre 19.3, energy 1997kJ   
Ingredients: Almond, Oat Fibre, Egg, Xanthan Gum, Allulose and pure Monkfruit. Allergens: Contains Almonds and Egg. 

Gluten status: while this is made with 100% naturally gluten free ingredients (we don't specifically test it for the presence of gluten) and we do handle it on a premise that also has just one recipe pack that contains gluten. So we very carefully schedule, segregate and sanitise to minimise any risk of cross-contamination whatsoever.  

When replacing flour in American based recipes ...
A cup is not a cup when using American recipes as USA cups are 240g & ours are 250g. 
So always use the weight of flour, do not go off the cup size. 


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