Keto Spaghetti Pasta 

How to make restaurant-worthy Keto Spaghetti with ultra-low carbs and no rolling pin involved? The best pasta is made fresh and this Spaghetti Pasta Recipe Pack makes two large oven sized baking tray size sheets of fresh pasta ready to be cut into spaghetti.

Plus for the 10 mins it's baking, you can make meatballs using the Meatball Maker Mix and while the pasta is cooling you can make the Pasta Sauce to go with it. The Keto Magic happens when these three elements all combine into a fabulous tasting meal. Plus the reheat tastes SO good too, making lunch already sorted. Now that's some mighty fine ultra low carb Keto Fast Food convenience, right there! 

Either cut by hand or feed through a pasta machine to slice to the size and amount you desire and simply marry it up with an epic pasta sauce. Even non-keto folks won't notice, as it tastes SO hearty with the same texture as fresh pasta, yet this isn't inflammatory carb loaded. It will leave you feeling full, not bloated.

{Please note: this pack makes fresh pasta. Meat and sauce is not included. Sauce is available separately}

This pasta can be kept 3 days in the fridge or frozen layered between parchment paper for up to 3 months and has no nasty additives or preservatives. Just real food, real quick. Say goodbye to dried up, gritty, stinky or slimy noodles loaded with inflammatory soy or wheat based products and way higher carbs. Now here are some incredible ultra-low macros for Fresh Keto Pasta - nothing else even comes close. Buon appetito!

Macros (for details including when the sheet of pasta is fully made, see images)
Almond Flour Net Carbs 3.5g or Coconut Flour Net Carbs 5.1g

Ingredients of the Pasta: Ultra-fine Almond Flour or Coconut Flour depending on which version you purchase, Collagen type I and III, Konjac Powder and Himalayan Rock Salt. All you'll need to add is Cream Cheese, Eggs and in true Italian fashion, Olive Oil.  

Allergens: Almond version contains tree nuts and both pastas contain dairy from the cream cheese. Gluten free: The ingredients in the Recipe Packs are all Keto and Gluten Free. While all the ingredients are gluten free, it is packaged up in a facility that also processes gluten. We do our humanly best to keep our processing, equipment and product storage segregated and we clean and sanitise in between products we make. However as we don't test this product for any trace of gluten, we can't claim it to be gluten-free.

Instructions to make: We're saving the planet one toner cartridge and tree at a time. The front label of the recipe pack has an https: link - type that into a browser address line (not a google search) to get the recipe to make the sheets of pasta ready for cutting. 

Tips to make an epic Tomato Sauce

Tomato Paste: The biggest component of a great tasting lasagna is in the tomato layer. And of course, we are totally biased when we recommend you grab the Tomato Pasta Sauce mix. Here are 4 good reasons why.
1 - Organic Tomato Powder is concentrated flavour so you use less = lower carbs
2 - Herbs and spices are carefully balanced to enhance and not over-power
3 - Techniques in the recipe cut through acidity, giving a creamy and velvety sauce
4 - You and yours are hungry - feel the need for speed and make the Pasta Sauce Mix up in 5 mins. Now that sounds good to us. 

Thick Sauces: instead of taking ages to reduce any sauce you can achieve really hearty thick sauces without them turning to slime using Konjac Powder. Sprinkle by tapping the handle of the measuring spoon for superior results in sauces, soups and anything that needs thickening.


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