Keto Lolly Lovers gift pack

This is the gift of smiles and "oh yes!" as well as some precious time together doing something fun :) Contents of the Keto Lolly Lovers gift pack can be:

We've temporarily sold out of the Snake silicone mold set comes complete with one liquid dropper - we still have plenty of the separate droppers, and the Swirl shape and Knot shape molds as well as the gummies mix. If you'd like to be informed the moment more stock arrives, send us an email to ketostorenz@gmail.com + thanks!  

 Select any number of Keto Gummies Recipe Sachets or Jars from these flavours: 
     Mango Passionfruit 
     Orange and Mango
     Vanilla Berry

So much fun will be had indeed, and they are a yummy treat to boot!
For macros and ingredients refer to the Gummies product page by clicking here


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