Hot Cross Bun/Bread Spice - 80g jar

Perfect for adding to hot cross bun recipes, or plain bread mixes to give the full flavour of a spiced toast loaf without adding carbs. This is the blend that is included in our famous Keto Store Hot Cross Bun Mix available seasonally. 

What's in it? 
A blend of 9 different spices, sweetened with pure monkfruit and given more smooth depth from pure vanilla and inulin. Such a clean and yummy taste and with the spices paired with inulin, it naturally raises any baking with yeast involved in the leavening (dough raising) process. 

Makes any baking taste heavenly and - bonus - your whole house will smell amazing too!
Plus when used in yeasted baking, there are no residual carbs, so this is a must for any Keto Kitchen.


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