Keto Gummie Lovers gift options

This is the gift of smiles and "oh yes!" as well as some precious time together doing something fun :) Contents of the Keto Gummie Lovers gift options can be:

Click on the Gift Option components menu to select any number of Keto Gummies Recipe Sachets or Jars from these flavours: 
     Mango Passionfruit 
     Orange and Mango
     Vanilla Berry

Other add ons ... 
Snake 1 x silicone mold set that comes complete with 1 x liquid dropper.
The mold colour is chosen at random from green, blue and purple. 
Swirl shape mold
Knot shape mold

So much fun will be had indeed, and they are a yummy treat to boot!
For macros and ingredients refer to the Gummies product page by clicking here


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