Keto Fettuccine Pasta

This makes such an amazing Keto ultra-low carb Fettuccine Pasta because our pasta mix holds up to the sauce and does not leave you feeling bloated. Say goodbye to rolling out melted cheese as it rapidly cools and cracks. Or those dried up, gritty, stinky, slimy noodles or pasta that is loaded with inflammatory soy or wheat ingredients that are way higher in carbs. 

This Fettuccine Pasta Recipe Pack makes two large oven sized baking tray size sheets of fresh pasta in the same time it takes to make a sauce to go with. Now that's what I call real Keto Food convenience! If you feel the need for even more speed, then grab yourself a pasta machine to handle all the cutting in the turn of a handle. Then non-keto folks definitely won't even notice, as it tastes so hearty with the same texture as real fresh pasta.

{Please note: this pack makes fresh pasta. Meat and sauce is not included}

This pasta can be kept 3 days in the fridge, or frozen layered between parchment paper for up to 3 months and has no nasty additives or preservatives. Just real keto food, real quick. And just check out these ultra-low carbs from Freshly made Keto Pasta - nothing else even comes close. Buon appetito!

Pasta Macros (see the images for nutritional information for two oven trays of pasta when made). The Almond Flour Pasta Mix has Net Carbs 3.5g or there's a Coconut Flour version with Net Carbs 5.1g

Ingredients: The ingredients in the Recipe Pack are all Keto and Gluten Free. Ultra-fine Almond Flour or Coconut Flour, Collagen type I and III, Konjac and Himalayan Rock Salt. All you'll need to add is Cream Cheese, Eggs and in true Italian fashion, Olive Oil. Allergens: Almond version contains tree nuts and both versions contain dairy from the cream cheese. Gluten free: While all the ingredients are gluten free, it is packaged up in a facility that also processes gluten. We do our humanly best to keep our processing, equipment and product storage segregated and we clean and sanitise in between products we make. However as we don't test this product for any trace of gluten, we can't claim it to be gluten-free.

Instructions to make: We're saving the planet one toner cartridge and tree at a time. The front label of the recipe pack has an https: link - type that into a browser address line (not a google search) to get the recipe to make the Fettuccine Pasta and bonus recipes for Keto Carbonara and Keto Chicken Alfredo pasta sauces too.


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