Blue Frog have done it again. Heavenly Vanilla and dreamy almond butter. I personally love this brand new Keto cereal and I am fussy when it comes to a natural taste. There's loads more to love too with it being
~ 100% keto, gluten-free
~ 1.1gm sugar and 4.3gm carbs per 40g serve
~ absolutely deliciousness, hard to believe it's Keto.  

How to use: 
This is SO good to eat, as breakfast, or a snack,
Grind up, melt butter and it's a cheesecake base
Mix with melted keto chocolate 

Seeds 50% - sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, organic hemp, flax, organic chia
Nuts 36% - made up of almonds, organic coconut
Almond Butter 10% and Coconut Oil 
Sweetener - organic monkfruit and organic fibre rich tapioca syrup.
natural flavour, sea salt and natural vanilla. 
Allergens: contains Almonds and Sesame. Gluten-free.

per 40g serving - 4.3g net carbs, 1.1g sugars, dietary fibre 7.3g, protein 8g, fat 20.3 energy 1000kJ, sodium 38.3mg. The full nutritional panel is in the photos.   


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