This is how you can say 'Thank you,' 'I care about you,' or 'Get well soon' to someone who is so busy helping others that they skip taking care of themselves. The Keto Care Pack is a touching gesture that lets someone know they are important, valued and appreciated.

For Teachers, Mothers, Caregivers, and anyone in need of a pick-me-up and an appreciation for a helping hand. It's simply for anyone and suitable for everyone.  

It contains everything needed for one's optimum health and a dash of joy:

  • Bone Broth for a hot cup of pure energy.
  • Electrolytes with essential vitamins and minerals in five sachets. Flavours depend on what is in stock and we endeavour to supply a variety whenever possible.
  • A cinnamon stick to pop into drinking water, to give your metabolism a boost.
  • And of course, the joy of chocolate
    - dark chocolate buttons at only 3.2gm net carbs and
    - Vitawerx milk protein 35g chocolate
    to deeply satisfy any craving :) 

Nothing says 'You're special' like helping someone to look after their health.

Please note: We can't guarantee that chocolate products won't go soft or melt during transit. Based on this, we will not be able to replace or exchange the product if this should happen. Please bear this in mind, particularly during the hotter Summer months, thank you.

Allergens: These are naturally Gluten Free and as they are packed in the same premises as items containing gluten, we store ingredients separately, use separate equipment, carefully schedule and clean in between products as carefully as we can.
Packaging: Due to a supplier issue with their biodegradable packaging, the bone broth sachets will come in unbranded packaging to continue supply while maintaining product freshness. 


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