Made to Your Order ~ Keto Caramelk Mallow Puffs 

These are a pure work of art, desired by those who can appreciate the hand made artisan approach that Kookie Haus makes toward achieving Keto Perfection. 

These are the world's first keto caramelised white chocolate mallows (that we know of) and every bite gives you

  • that crack of caramelised white chocolate which gently melts in your mouth
  • followed by the soft squish of perfectly shaped marshmallow
  • balanced by the biscuity base.

A hand made caramilk mallow puff, for the pure pleasure of eating, without the guilt. Because you can. A work of art combined with the science of keto food. Perfection. And the judges agree, giving this Silver at the Artisan Food Awards 2022 

Delivered around Auckland, elsewhere by arrangement. 

How to Order Directly from Jenna at Kookie Haus:

  1. Click here for The Kookie Haus website
  2. Select MENU and scroll down to the Keto Caramilk Options
  3. Place your order adding delectable Keto items to your cart.
  4. Complete your customer and delivery address details.
  5. Your purchase will be made for you and despatched directly to you
    (this is done separately from your Keto Store NZ order) 
  6. Check out the Delivery tab for despatch times.
  7. Savour the Keto Food Art 

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