Keto Biscuit Lovers gift pack

This wonderful pack allows the simple pleasure of having a biscuit with your cuppa tea or mug of coffee, safe in the knowledge you are still keeping it Keto.

It gives you precious memories of a fun thing to do with your children or grandchildren.

It provides the opportunity to learn about the latest baking techniques to get wonderful results, consistently, every time. 

The Keto Biscuit Lovers gift pack consists of 3 Recipe Packs, along with easy-to-follow instructions with minimal other ingredients that you need to add.

1 x ANZAC Biscuit

1 x Chocolate Chip Cookies with real Keto Belgian Milk Chocolate

1 x Shortbread Cookies

So many fond memories to be made! :)

For macros and ingredients please refer to each biscuit's product page by clicking the underlined links above.


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