Keto Belgian Chocolate gift pack (Dark or Milk)

Q: What is the most gifted present in NZ? 
A: Chocolate - we are a nation of chocolate lovers

Q: But what if someone has said "No sugars given?"
A: This Keto Chocolate is made sugar-free and with all the decadence of Belgian made deliciousness and much lower carbs (3.2g for the dark) or (3.9g for the milk) per 100gms. 

Q: What comes in the gift pack? 
A: 1 kilo of Belgian Chocolate buttons (your choice of dark or milk chocolate) 
+ 1 silicone mold swirl pattern
+ 1 silicone mold knot pattern 

Q: Will they love it? 
A: Yes, most definitely. Everybody loves chocolate. 

Q: Will I benefit from it too?
A: If they are prepared to share then yes. We suggest that you get this sharing concept agreed upfront before handing the gift over though, to be sure ;)

Q: What are the macros? 
A: check out the product listing for the chocolate here - Dark or Milk 


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