Golden LSA - Golden Linseed Sunflower Almond 500g

A new innovative blend, milled fresh here for your eating pleasure. Why we love it: 
• Bake with lower carbs as Golden LSA is 3.3g vs Almond Flour at 5.1g 
• More rounded taste in baking 
• Finer texture than regular LSA which is made with coarse brown linseed 
• High in Omega-3 fats with plenty of health benefits. 

A rich source of protein, which helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced and curbs sugar cravings. 

Is Golden better than Brown? Well yes! Golden has more polyunsaturated fatty acids, less monosaturated fatty acids and larger amounts of the two essential fats that your body can't produce: alpha-linolenic acid  (Omega 3) (ALA) and linoleic acid (Omega 6).

Benefits and claims: LSA promotes healthy heart and brain function, and boosts skin and bone health. It cleanses and detoxes the liver, regulates cholesterol levels and eliminates unwanted fat from the body.

Features: High in omega-3 fats, contains many vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, E, D and B, calcium, zinc and magnesium. Ground Linseed (50%), Sunflower Seeds (33%) and Ground Almonds (17%). Suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free diets.

Macros per 100gm: Carbohydrates 3.3g, Dietary Fibre 18g, Fat 45.7g, Protein 19.5g, energy 2301 kJ, sodium 21mg
Allergens: contains almonds, no artificial colouring, no preservatives, no chemical additives. Gluten-free.

Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient: 1 Cup of LSA is approx 84g. LSA has a lovely nutty flavour and is subtle enough to take on other flavours of your cooking. Keto Chicken Schnitzel by Naughty and Nice Kitchen, Keto crackers, Ultimate Keto Buns, King Keto Bread (see our Recipe Packs). Keto Porridge, just add milk, stir and microwave to heat and thicken.  


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