Golden berries 
100gm bag - certified organic and 72% fewer carbs

Golden berries are like the fashionable version of dried cranberries and raisins, only much lower in carbs and they make having dried fruit still a low carb option.

And we've now sourced organic Golden Berries at 16g (72% fewer carbs than the Ceres brand this season at 57g). We invite you to experience the remarkable difference.  

Organically grown golden berries are also known as Inca berries or Cape Gooseberries and we love them because they are: 

  • incredibly flavoursome more raisin like, citrusy and chewy
  • gives a lovely boost to smoothies and baking
  • have NO preservatives or sulphites added
  • certified organic and high in Vit C + Vit A 

Brand change: We have moved away from stocking the Ceres brand due to their higher seasonal carb count. The Ceres brand now has 57g net carbs per 100g from being more dried out which concentrated the sugars. So we sourced organic golden berries from the same country, Peru which are less dried out, more raisin like in texture and the carb count as tested at 16g per 100g.  

They have the more vitamin C than blueberries (11mg vs 9.7mg per 100gm) and are higher in Vitamin A

Macros per 25gm serve: Net Carbs 4gm, Protein <1g, Fat <1g, Sodium 6mg, Energy 84kj. The amount of carbs in our brand of golden berries is 72% fewer than the Ceres branded Golden Berries and are juicier.   

Keto Friendly Recipes using this Low Carb Ingredient:
add to smoothies, Keto oatmeal, or as a snack for on the go and pssst it's also the fruit that's in our traditional hot cross bun recipe pack. 


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