Powdered Erythritol Stevia Molasses 500g

Beautifully finer golden brown keto sugar which makes for faster dissolving, less crystalisation and it's also easier as it gets digested as the smaller particles flow easier through your system. It just performs better, and with the same sweet taste.  

Combining Erythritol + Organic Stevia + Molasses to make an alternative sweetness without as many carbs that brown sugar has. 

Ratios to Sugar in recipes: 1:1 so 1 Cup of this Erythritol + Stevia + Molasses blend is the same sweetness as 1 C of sugar.


  • Erythritol – a non-GMO naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in some fruits and vegetables.
  • Stevia – is an herb native to South America and for over 1500 years people have been using fresh and dried stevia leaves to sweeten food, beverages and herbal medicines.
  • Molasses – is made during the process of refining sugar cane or sugar beets into sugar and is the defining component of regular brown sugar.

Benefits and claims: This blend of erythritol, stevia and molasses is crafted as a replacement for brown sugar. Erythritol doesn't have a chance to "metabolize" -- turn into energy in your body.
Features: This sweetener will have a slight effect on glucose or insulin levels due to the higher sugar in the molasses.

Macros for 100g – Carbohydrate 2.7g*, Fat 0g, Protein 0g, energy 142kj, Gluten 0g, Sodium 0g please note: the carbs in this product are from the molasses.
Allergens: low-carb, low-sugar. No allergens.

When baking cookies, they need to cool down out of the oven before they firm up and hold together. Erythritol will not caramelise, so a Monkfruit-based sweetener works better in breads, pastries, and Allulose is better for soft gels and caramels.
For some people, Erythritol can give a mouth-cooling feel, this can disappear by waiting to eat items made until the next day.

Keto and Low carb recipes using this low carb ingredient: Sweet Garlic Salmon, BBQ sauce, Keto Sour Cream & Orange Caramel Slice and any recipe that calls for use of a brown sugar.

How much can I eat? There aren't official guidelines on using Erythritol, but most people can handle 1 gram for every kilogram of body weight daily. Excessive consumption acts like a laxative, similar to eating some fruits.


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