Erythritol Stevia Molasses Golden - 150g & 500g

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The manufacturer is in the middle of a formulation change, so in the meantime this exact same product formulation + brand can be found here aka Golden Sweetener, by SweetNZ

Combining Erythritol + Organic Stevia + Molasses to make an alternative sweetness without as many carbs that brown sugar has.

Ratios to Sugar in recipes: 1:1 so 1 Cup of this Erythritol + Stevia + Molasses blend is the same sweetness as 1 C of sugar.

Brand: SweetNZ Golden Brown Ingredients:

  • Erythritol – a non-GMO naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in some fruits and vegetables.
  • Stevia – is an herb native to South America and for over 1500 years people have been using fresh and dried stevia leaves to sweeten food, beverages and herbal medicines.
  • Molasses – is made during the process of refining sugar cane or sugar beets into sugar and is the defining component of regular brown sugar.

Benefits and claims: This blend of erythritol, stevia and molasses is crafted as a replacement for brown sugar. Erythritol doesn't have a chance to "metabolize" -- turn into energy in your body.
Features: This sweetener will have a slight effect on glucose or insulin levels due to the higher sugar in the molasses.

Macros for 100g – Carbohydrate 2.7g*, Fat 0g, Protein 0g, energy 142kj, Gluten 0g, Sodium 0g please note: the carbs in this product are from the molasses.
Allergens: low-carb, low-sugar. No allergens.

When baking cookies, they need to cool down out of the oven before they firm up and hold together. Erythritol will not caramelise, so a Monkfruit-based sweetener works better in breads, pastries, and Allulose is better for soft gels and caramels.
For some people, Erythritol can give a mouth-cooling feel, this can disappear by waiting to eat items made until the next day.

Keto and Low carb recipes using this low carb ingredient: Sweet Garlic Salmon, BBQ sauce, Keto Sour Cream & Orange Caramel Slice and any recipe that calls for use of a brown sugar.

How much can I eat? There aren't official guidelines on using Erythritol, but most people can handle 1 gram for every kilogram of body weight daily. Excessive consumption acts like a laxative, similar to eating some fruits.


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