Dark Sugar Free Belgian Chocolate Buttons 250g

Supply update: Unfortunately we've sad news. The manufacturer in Belgium has decided to cease manufacturing due to increased cocoa prices and equipment issues.
Should you wish to experience an NZ made dark chocolate alternative, give our Dark Chocolate Chips a go, click here

I went seeking out Keto Chocolate because, let's face it, my Keto lifestyle is just not sustainable without chocolate. My wish list was long:

  • Low Carb
  • Expertly crafted and Fair to the growers
  • Minimum 80% cocoa solids 
  • NO Maltitol
  • NO to any Palm Oil or Vegetable Oils as Cocoa Butter is much better
  • Quality smooth mouth-feel without any strange aftertaste
  • and it had to be affordable!

I was beyond excited when I found a Keto Dark Chocolate that met all of these attributes. At just 3.2 net carbs per 100 grams this chocolate has been especially and expertly crafted in Belgium by world leaders in making sugar-free chocolate for 26 years. They are UTZ certified which means they support sustainable cocoa farming with respect for people and planet. They make no compromise on taste nor quality and it shows! 

So we've made this awesome sugar-free dark chocolate available to you at a more affordable price. No longer do you need to spend your precious time chopping up more expensive chocolate bars that are higher in their carb count. There is NO Malitol hidden in this chocolate, so you can avoid nasty surprises when counting your carbs.   

The buttons are easy to break up smaller by giving the bag of them a good squash. They're very easy to melt and even easier to eat, which is why we've made them available in 100gm, 250gm and kilo-sized bags. Also available in a Chocolate Decadence Gift Pack along with swirl and knot molds. 

Macros per 100g: NC 3.2g all from naturally occurring sugars, Fat 34.8g, Dietary Fibre Inulin 34.8g, Protein 5.3g Energy 432 kCal. 
Allergens: Contains soy and produced in a plant that also processes gluten (wheat) and nuts.

Ingredients: 80% Dark Chocolate Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Mass, Sweetened with Erythritol and Stevia, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin and Vanilla Flavour.

Keto Recipes using this Keto Ingredient: Hey it's chocolate! Let me try to count the ways. Buttons are versatile to be used in Chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate toppings and in the base on any slice, Ambrosia, To coat almonds, macadamia nuts or Keto cereals to make chocolate bark and other Keto-friendly snacks. Keto Rocky Road and don't forget - some for the chef to have, as well as go into the bowl! This chocolate even makes for wonderful gifts to chocolate lovers who want to, or have to, avoid sugars. The recipe list is only limited by your imagination.

Please note: We can't guarantee that chocolate products won't go soft or melt during transit. Based on this, we will not be able to replace or exchange the product if this should happen. Please bear this in mind, particularly during the hotter Summer months, thank you.


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