Cream Cheese Spread - Bold by Bega - 250g 

Cream cheese spread is made from fresh milk and cream and is a staple in our fridge because it can be used in so many ways.

We love the bold cheesy flavour smothered on top of a Farrah's pizza base as a non-tomato based sauce option. Oh and also it makes the most heavenly creamy quiches too! 

Who is Bega? They have been around 130 years and fun fact: they are the company that brings you Vegemite.  

Creamy quiches
Creamy cheesy base spread on pizzas
Deluxe Mac n Cheese - stir through hot pasta
Smother a cauli in it and roast in the oven
Crackers with salmon
As a Dip (take the jar + 100g Greek yoghurt, 100g mayonnaise, 1 Tablespoon lemon juice, and herbs and spices) serve with sturdy vegetables.  

Hot Tip: Cook any pasta according to the packet, drain if necessary and while the pasta is still hot, stir through a decent serve of Bega Cream Cheese Spread Bold. This is the closest thing to original deluxe mac n cheese ever!  

IngredientsCheese (Minimum 40%) (Milk, Cream (From Milk), Milk Solids, Salt, Vegetable Gums (410, 412, 415), Starter Culture, Enzymes), Water, Butter or Cream (From Milk) or Milk Fat, Milk Solids, Mineral Salts (339, 341), Salt, Sugar, Food Acid (270), Flavour (Contains Milk), Preservative (200, 234), Colour (160a), Spice.

Contains Milk
Egg-free, Low FODMAP, Nightshade free, Peanut free, no ingredients with sesame, soy-free, wheat-free,  

Macros per 20g serving: Energy 226kJ, Protein 1.9g, Fat 4.8g, Saturated 3.2g, Carbohydrate <1.0g, Sugars <1.0g, Sodium 328mg 


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