For some, giving into cravings for sweet sugar-laden snacks is like taking a ride on the blood sugar roller coaster - without any seatbelts! Foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates produce a spike in blood sugars because they are digested quickly and give your body a short-lasting source of energy. But when your blood sugar drops again, so does your energy level, and you crave something sweet again. Hence the roller coaster of ups and downs.  

So here are the key ingredients and thinking behind why I took this supplement to help my willpower (or lack of it) along: 

Cinnamon when I looked up research it linked to helping my metabolism, and that's really important to burn energy and calories, even when your body is at rest. 
Chromium helped me regulate my blood sugars and reduced cravings so that they were more manageable. 
Biotin was super helpful to boost my hair when it starter thinning out when my weight dropped really rapidly.
Global Artichoke which I discovered was traditionally used in western herbal medicine to reduce and relieve abdominal bloating.
Milk Thistle made a difference to my indigestion, especially when I ate out because I was less in control over what went into dishes. 
• This product has pure Active Ingredients. No sugar, no dairy, no lactose, no sucrose, no yeast, no wheat, no corn starch, no animal products, no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no carbs.

So with all that in mind I still reckon individual results will vary. And only you will be the best judge if it's worth giving it a trial run with a tablet, twice a day with food. In less than a fortnight, you will see if it helps you to manage sugar cravings, support healthy blood sugar, and metabolism of fats and a healthy liver function. 

Who isn't it for? As always pregnant women and diabetics should seek medical advice before consuming. Also pop a call through to a pharmacist if you're on other medication to check if this one is also right for you to have. 

Keep out of reach of children. 
Store < 25C 


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