12 days of Christmas Keto Advent Calendar 

Let the countdown to Christmas begin with a Keto Advent Calendar packed full of yummy flavours of Protein Shakes. Whether you like your shakes fruity, creamy, chocolate-y, we've got you covered with a 12 day Advent Calendar box that contains 12 different flavours of single serve protein shake sachets. 

Because the milk has already been included, you just add 200ml water and blitz to create a healthy protein shake with a different flavour every day until Christmas comes. The flavour shake is indicated on the back of each sachet. 

Look forward to trying something new each day, that's really yummy, natural and has real food ingredients. Just add water, so it's totally not going to take up any extra time or bother. 

Truly celebrate your lifestyle choice in the lead up to Christmas in a way that leaves you feeling fuller, and make it way easier to avoid eating this season's temptations. 

Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Cream, Monk fruit Extract, Natural Flavour on an Inulin (dietary fibre) base (Coffee, Lime, Vanilla, Banana Chocolate, Peach, Raspberry, Caramel, Chocolate Orange, Raspberry White Chocolate, Butterscotch, Mocha, Blueberry). All natural. All keto. 
Macros per 200ml shake when made:  Energy 372kj, Protein 10.6g, Fat 4.4g, Saturated 1.2g, Carbs 0.8g, Sugars Og, Sodium 70mg

To clarify: the advent calendar does not include the candles or decorations, sorry :)

Here are 7 ways our NEW Single Serve Protein Shakes are superior and the reason why each matters. 

The sachet already includes cream powder which is incredibly practical 
- because people don’t carry milk around with them, it's so much easier to add water.
NZ made Whey Protein Isolate with sunflower, the superior processing agent
- because how the key ingredients are made is really important
Uses natural Monk Fruit extract, not industrially made artificial sweeteners
- because when we make food, we prioritise people's health before profits 
Uses natural flavours and an inulin (dietary fibre) base
- because maltodextrin bases spike, slump and kick ketosis to the curb
Doesn’t contain colours or preservatives
- because they may be just more chemicals that you can do without
Comes in lots of different flavours, after all, variety is life
- because it's boring to be stuck with one single flavour for a whole month
Oh and less than 1g carbs and 11.6g protein per shake
- because it's worth having healthy ingredients with clean protein, to support your health goals. You're worth it.


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