Chocolate Cake Recipe Pack

If I were to describe a deeply memorable Keto chocolate cake it would need to have a moist yet fluffy texture with a lingering rich chocolate taste. A cake that actually rises in the tin to meet the occasion it's made for. And when celebrating with cake, let's be honest, there's definitely a pressure to perform. Not only does it need to look amazing but it has to deliver on the texture and taste too; there's no question about it - all three factors need to come to the party before a cake can be called sensational. 

So with these key requirements in mind I went hunting to find a Keto recipe to make the Best Keto Chocolate Cake Ever! In some recipes, the taste was on point but they were dry and gritty. In others the texture was better but they were just too flat and dense. So after subjecting our incredibly fussy taste testers to loads of cakes and other keto pre-mixes, which didn't even make their grade, we've created our own recipe. The testers reckon it's the Best Keto Chocolate Cake Ever! for taste, texture and appeal and now we invite you to agree. 

The only ingredients you'd need to add are oil, vanilla extract, and eggs. So all that's left is to pick your moment, spend 10 mins to craft, pop it into whatever tin you have on hand, into the oven, and relax knowing soon you'll be in chocolate cake heaven and enjoy.

As the serving suggestions show in the photos, it can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. If you're interested in adding icing to your cake mix, we sell Keto Icing Sugar by the cup. 

Macros: We have calculated the macros for the entire recipe pack as made up because when it comes to cake, portions are what you make of them :)
Net Carbs 20g, Fat 186.7g, Protein 100g, Dietary Fibre 19.3g, Energy 5435 kJ, Sodium 384g.
This Keto cake is so low carb, it's only 1.7 grams net carb per slice of 12 - and that's a treat everyone can enjoy.

Allergens: This recipe pack contains almond (tree nuts) and while the ingredients are all gluten free, we don't test specifically for it's presence. As they are packed in the same premises as items containing gluten, we store ingredients separately, use separate equipment, carefully schedule and clean in between products as carefully as we can. Ingredients: Ultra-fine Almond Flour, Coconut flour, Organic Golden Flaxseed, Whey Protein Isolate Vanilla, our lowest carb Cocoa Powder, Raising agents, Sweetened with Allulose and Lakanto Monkfruit

To get the recipe: We're saving the planet one toner cartridge and tree at a time so to get an email with the recipe link, at checkout, leave the "keep me updated" option ticked. Also once you have the recipe pack in your hands, take a look on the front label. It has a web link and when that's typed into a browser address line (not a google search) it takes you to the recipe. Super handy if you’re giving the Recipe Pack to someone else. 


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