To make things just that little bit easier, here is a list of Keto gift ideas that meet all budgets and needs.

A lot of these gift ideas also provide a way to spend quality time with each other, making tasty creations. People bond over food - and great food that's Keto is the best way we can think of to have some fun and enjoy doing something together with your loved ones.

Also nothing beats taking the pressure off than the reassurance that it's all ultra-low in carbs, it is fast to grab or make and that you won't be suffering long after eating :)  enjoy! You're worth it. 


Gifts Under $7

Aeroplane Jelly with 8 flavours - each twinpack is $2 

Thai Sugar-free Sweet Chili Sauce $4.95

Keto Gummies Sachet $4.95 and see the  Gummie Snakes mold $13.95 for max fun

Swirl silicone mold $6.95

Knot silicone mold $6.95 

Ravioli or Dumpling Mold $2.25

Gifts Under $20

Everything Bagel Seasoning 140g Jar - $9.95

Digital Food Thermometer - $9.95

Aeroplane Jelly - 8 Twinpacks of different flavours - $16 

Flavoured Inulin - all 4 Banana, Toffee, Caramel and Vanilla to add these flavours to anything in your Keto life - $19.80

Keto Store NZ $20 Gift Card - it never expires + gets sent to your email of your choice = Gifting sorted. 


Gifts Under $35

Keto Lolly Lovers gift pack for a spend of just under $29 you can get an individual Snake Gummies Mold with Liquid Dropper tray + 3 sachet flavours of your choice to make gummies. Or simply order as many sachets as you'd like as there are 8 flavours available.

BBQ Lovers gift pack $31.50 - Digital thermometer, Thai Sweet Chili sauce, Everything Bagel seasoning and Himalayan Rock salt already finely ground. 

Keto Baking Lovers $42.50 -  Allulose 500gIcing Sugar and all 4 Flavoured Inulins - Banana, Toffee, Caramel and Vanilla.


Gifts under $50 

Keto Store NZ $50 Gift Card - it never expires + gets sent to your email of your choice = Gifting sorted


Gifts over $50 

Keto Belgian Chocolate Gift Pack – $63 for Keto Belgian Dark or Milk Chocolate 1kg chocolate buttons plus the knot and swirl molds to make chocolate creations look ah-mazing!   

Keto Store NZ $100 Gift Card - it never expires + gets sent to your email of choice = Gifting sorted

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